Read Before Enrolling
Do you want to take the AALAS Learning Library courses?
arrowThere are three options:
  1. Enroll for "free." Enroll in the Learning Library and you can take a limited number of free courses. Transcript data, certificates, and AALAS CEUs are only available for the JAALAS CEU Test Library courses with the free enrollment. Transcript data, AALAS CEUs for other courses and RACE CEs are only available with a paid subscription.
  2. Enroll as an individual. Pay for your 12 month subscription:  $170 or $100 for active AALAS members. Access all courses, build a transcript, earn course/exam completion certificates, and CEUs.
  3. Enroll as a member of your institution's group. Your institution pays for your subscription. You must contact the AALAS Learning Library Group Coordinator (GC) at your institution to get an access code or username and password assigned to you and receive an account on your institution's roster.  Accounts are activated by your institution's GC contact person (in the IACUC or Research compliance office) and are then active until the institution's expiration date every year. 

Are you required to take courses assigned by your institution on the AALAS Learning Library?
arrowHere's an important tip to make sure that you have an active account. Only an active account can access all the courses, and get course credit and completion certificates on your transcript!

When you log in, verify your welcome message next to your name. It should indicate your institution and the expiration date of your subscription. If you do not see this information displayed, please contact your institution's IACUC or Research Compliance office to request account activation.

"Welcome [your name] of [your institution]. and Expiration [future date]"

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