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Attention Group Coordinators
arrowComing October 15 - New and Retooled AALAS Learning Library Platform!

Learn all about it from these webinar recordings! 

1.  ALL Group Management - Everything the Coordinator Needs to Know on the New Platform!

The recording will be linked here soon.

2. Authoring ALL Courses - Manage Your Custom Courses on the New ALL.

The recording will be linked here soon.

Does AALAS membership include access to the AALAS Learning Library courses?
arrowNo...AALAS members do get a great discount on subscriptions. Click here to check out the savings.

No Active Account
arrowAre you getting a "No active account" message upon login or after course completion?

Course transcript entries and completion certificates are only available with an active account.  This means the account is  "paid" for the current subscription year by you as an individual or activated by your institution under their group subscription.  Only free courses are available when you have no active account.  All other courses are grayed out and unavailable.  Pay for your subscription or contact your institution's Group Coordinator to obtain an active account.

Do you want to take the AALAS Learning Library courses?
arrowThere are 3 options:
  1. Enroll for "free." Take a limited number of free courses. Courses that are not in the Free track will be inaccessible.  Transcript data, certificates, and AALAS CEUs are available only for the JAALAS CEU Test Library courses with the free enrollment.
  2. Enroll as an individual. A 12 month subscription is$170, or $100 for current AALAS members. Access all courses, build a transcript, earn completion certificates, and CEUs.
  3. Enroll as a member of your institution's Learning Library group. Contact the AALAS Learning Library Group Coordinator at your institution to get an access code or a username and password to receive a subscription through the group. 
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